Automated Trading Systems

We focus our efforts on developing the best risk-reward automated trading strategies. Our algorithms are 100% fully automated. 

Automated trading systems minimize emotions, by keeping the trading rules in check. Backtesting allows us to evaluate the performance of a trading idea before risking our money in live trading. 

Automated Trading industry (CTA managers) has shown a good performance during high volatility markets. 
• Discipline, minimizes emotions. 
• Researching, using the scientific method  
• Sophisticated trading algorithms 
• Testing and dynamic control of the strategies
• Combining multiple uncorrelated trading strategies on a unique automated trading system.
• Robust backtesting tests over a long period of time. Back testing since 2008 (at least)
• Forward-tested 
• Real money fills
• Take benefits from market volatility
• Fastest and most fair execution, improved order entry speed